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My small town fairytale didn'

I was 16 when I met you. You were my first true love , my first kiss, my soul mate. We dated on and off again for five years and I thought we would be married after college. You cheated on me after we had dated for a little over a year. Not one fight it was perfect until you let her into our realtionship. You swear that you didn't but I caught you first hand. You ripped my heart out....I don't think that you really realized what effect this had on me. See I never trusted you again.
As I grew up and went off to college you changed. You didn't want me to have friends, join a soriority, or have a life outside of you. You try to dicatate to me how to run my life. You stalked me when I would go out with my best friend and would show up at random places that I would be. You changed colleges twice to be with me. As I grew up I realized that the small town sweethearts who were living the fairytale wasn't meant to be. My fairytale turned into a nightmare.
You never could understand why I wouldn't marry you after you asked three times..the trust was gone and I couldn't spend my life walking on eggshells trying not to make you mad. For years I thought I was a bad person for not marrying you. I carried guilt for many years because I hurt you. Then I realized you had emotionally abused me all those years. I was just to young and naive to realize it. That's ok becuse I met the man of my dreams and we have been happily married for 12 years now and have three beautiful children. He just bought me a castle so I guess fairytales do come true...


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