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A KHASAM miserable love story!

i am a very unfortunate girl who has only seen sorrows in life. i loved a guy, my best friend in my school days and we became great lovers who soon changed our relationship's name from boyfriend/girlfriend to husband and wife! i was very happy that i could marry my beloved despite of facing numerous problems with his n my family.. but even in our happiness we tried never to bring tears in anyone's eyes because of us getting married. but i guess i wasn't so fortunate and just after one week of my court marriage with him, he left me...he called me and said he cannot continue with this relationship and announced me about us getting divorced. i got the shock of my life and cried lots. for months i kept shedding tears, i stayed in my room and didn't go anywhere. i was like a dead living soul. days n months passed n with time i recovered from this shock. one year after someone came in my life. he was a guy whom i was chatting n talking every night. i came to fall in love with him as he was so well-mannered and nice to me.. i told him about the scary reality of my life, that is, my past and he understood me. he said that he loves me n wanna marry me. i told my parents about it and they finally accepted. i took a plane and hurried to my unknown love. there i spent two weeks with him and we really enjoyed each n every moment. he never gave me the impression of being formal. he was so kind n caring that i fell crazily in love with him.. on the last day when it was my departure to my country, he put a ring in my finger and kissed me. i never felt so happy as i did at that time. i came back to my country n at night he called me. THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE THING HAPPENED TO ME THAT NIGHT.. I NEVER FELT SO PARALYZED WHEN HE TOLD ME THAT HE WASN'T SERIOUS ABOUT GETTING MARRIED TO ME AND THAT HE DON'T WANNA MARRY ME. FOR ONE MOMENT I WAS THINKING IF EVER I HAVE MORE STRENGTH TO BEAR THIS... SINCE THAT DAY AM TRYING TO LIVE BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE I GUESS I REALLY LOVE HIM.. I DON'T WANNA LIVE MORE. I AM THE DEAD LIVING SOUL JUST WAITING FOR MY DEATH TO TAKE ME AWAY... I AM NICE, BEAUTIFUL WITH A GOOD EDUCATION AS OTHERS SAY.. THEN WHAT IS THE PROBLEM REALLY?? WHY WITH ME?? I REALLY DON'T WANNA LOOSE THE SECOND GUY OF MY LIFE.. I LOVE HIM INSANELY...


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