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my ex told me he loves me stil

okay, my name is jess, i dated this kid, lets call him, "j" in 8th grade. we dated almost a year. i broke up with him because i couldnt wear shorts and a tank top in the summer, i couldnt hang out with my friends, i had to be with him 24/7. he would go through my phone and delete every guys' number in my contacts, and he did the same with my facebook and myspace. so if i wanted to talk to one of my guy friends, i put his name as a girls' name in my contacts. once i broke up with him, i started dating other guys, i was cheated on, hit, and used. now im in a realtionship with, lets call him, "i", we've been dating almost 3 months now, i talked to "j" on facebook, he has a girlfriend, he told me he still loves me, and he wants to get back together one day. but i love "i". i dont know what to do with "j" what do i tell him?


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