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This one is a Little hard to believe, At least I had trouble believing it and It was my life!

I lived in southern California my whole life.
I grew up low income and started working when I was only eleven years old, I decided this on my own because I noticed that girls didn't see you if you didn't have nice things and nice clothes.
I have always been a poet and romantic and soon after my 16th birthday I found myself being a hopeless romantic after being struck by a truck and suffering from nerve damage in both legs.
I remained at home and had a teacher come to me, and soon he stopped showing up and I became very bored.
One night I decided I wouldn't let my short comings get the best of me, I get online and start helping people on MSN chat.
I helped a lot of people and talked a lot of kids my age out of bad decisions such as suicide or homicide.
One day I am talking to a new girl, she seems very distant but shes in a chat room for troubled people so surely something is wrong.
I start talking privately with her and find out shes a sixteen year old in Houston who is being abused by her 23 year old live in boyfriend.
I help her just as I would any other person I have before, convincing her to return home and leave him.
Soon we carried frequent conversations and talked regularly.
we had a lot in common, and we became really good friends,
One afternoon she tells me she wants to run away to the California beach and live there.
I tell her that houses on the beach cost a lot.
She tells me that she didn't mean in a home.
I tell her shes crazy and besides someone will catch her because no family lets there 16 year old daughter just walk away.
she says no one cares where she is thats why she was with the abusive boyfriend and if she leaves no one will come looking.
I say OK then if you want to come to california You can come stay with me because I do care.
And it started, we planned her escape and I went to pick her up and made it all the way back before realizing she wasn't being honest with me and I turned her in and sent her home.
I cried and cried and then her older half brother who was 40+ came to see me, and bail her out of Juvenal hall and he and I made plans for me to move to Houston to be with her.
I was 17 at the time and I packed up and I left because I had fallen in love with her.
And she gave me every inch of her heart, the first 2 years together were all the same cuddly cute and passionate, then came my first born and everything went down hill along with any patience she had for life and me.
I had introduced her to an Online game that I plaid for sometime and she fell in love with it so much that she plaid all the time and talked to a lot of people but She started hating me more then any person could hate anything in the world.
Her half brother's mother and her best friend decided it would be fun to tell her I was cheating on her.
Even though I wasn't and only worked hard to do anything and everything for her.
I worked for her dad and got paid unfairly for years and still stood by her side.
She started talking down to me and even made me feel unwanted, but by now I have my new born daughter with her... Planned by me, But unwanted by her.
I still stood by her side.
I kissed @ss and did everything anyone person could do.
I took her late grand mother's house and fully remodeled it alone and moved us into it and the very next day was thrown out by her.
Did I go home, No, I still stood by her side and worked and waited for her to let me come home.
A year after she does let me come home I notice things are better with us, she hasn't belittled me put me down treated me badly or thrown me out in months.
But that all changed very quickly, That Online game, she was talking to a guy in San Diego and has decided to invite him into my home with my kids.
He moves to Houston and I come home to a Man on my porch holding the love of my life.
I have no where to leave to and I love my kids, so I stay for awhile and that was like living in hell.
Hearing them have sex in the next room only a few hours of meeting each other.
sleeping together.
doing all the things me and her shared.
and to make it worse I could not talk to her, any time I tried reminding her why she loves me I was put down and what hope was there was pushed deeper down and locked inside for good.
I remember before i left one night I was sitting up wondering what am I doing and why Im still here and crying and she came into my room and shoved a mirror in my face and told me its because she has to deal with THIS.
but I had hardly ever cried in front of her or even cried in general while I was with her, I was always happy to be with her, so why she said that is beyond me, But I ended up thrown out and lived in a park for 9 months and watch everyone around us say how good of a couple they are and bash me even more as if I deserved to be drug through hell sh&t and mud.
I never beat her, I never hit her, I always told her that I thought she was beautiful, I worked I Cared for my house and kids,and some how it wasn't enough and I was the bad guy.
when I left Houston she told me I will never see my kids again. and her half brother's mother gave me a ride to the bus station, feeling achieved with the rumor she made up about me cheating she tells me to let her get a picture for the album and that "this should have happened 6 years ago" That meant when I got there!
Its been a little over a year and I have not heard from her.
I am lonely hurt and sad, and at times I miss her. but I know I will never have the person I fell in love with.
And so I am back to square one, and this time I am going to just stay in bed with my nerve damage and tell the world that nothing is worth a broken heart, not even love...

True story.


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