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Sorrie Does Not Always Work

Me and him just broke up. We had been together a year. we were in love! and i thought and still think he is the one! we have been arguing for the past month. i knew we were about to break up i just didnt wanna come to reality. well we got into again...and well he got tired of it. he hung up on me. and i kept callin him back tryin to talk to him and he would just hang up. well then he finally answered and talked and i asked him why he kept hangin up and he said cuz i dont wanna talk to you and i said well why dont you wanna talk to me and he said cuz im tired of you gettin mad at me. and he said i just cant handle no more. and then my heart quit beatin and i couldnt breathe. i thought i was about to die. then i finally said well im reallyy sorrie and he said sorrie aint gonna cut it this time. and then he just hung up so i txt him and said are you breakin up with me please lets just talk about it and he said yeah and i said so can we talk then i asked him where he was at so i could come talk to him and he said no its over. and i said please im sorrie can we please talk it out and he said no. and i havent talked to him since. but maybe if i keep believein and pray to God then things will work out and he will realize how much he misses me!!


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