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Finally learned my lesson?

So I just got out of this stale decade old relationship full of lies and bullshit.For the first time ever I am making it alone with my kids,going out with my friends, having fun (when a reliable babysitter was available.)Brilliant. So what do I do? Bring a real nasty into our lives.

Hes not even that good looking and while I do not claim to be Miss World I'm not half bad. But what he lacks in looks he makes up for with charm, my downfall.
And so it began. He is a little short on his child support can I help? I'm doing OK at the time so I do. His Momma is kicking him out of her house (no reason given at the time) can he move in? What if we got married (in the end so he can go on my health insurance keep reading..)

Idiot. The man was a huge drug addict, not to the illegal stuff but to pain pills from drs. All that money? Not going to his kids paying for pain meds.Then he got health insurance, courtesy of me. $4 scripts. And when he finally gets arrested for forging rxs he wants me to support him? I think not. He can rot in the h@ll of his making and hopefully I have learned my lesson this time.


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