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I never thought I'd get involved with an athlete. It was one of the few times I went to a after-game party. He was our college linerback on the football team. I was at the food bar getting a soda when he came by with his boys for a beer. He approached me, saying that I looked good and asked if I was new. I told him I was new two years ago. We talked a bit more and he asked for my number.

At school, I saw him crowded around by other girls and he didn't see me so I went about my business. I figured as much would happen the next day but at lunch he saw me and sit next to me. I thought of us like friends before i seriously started to like him. So I didn't get jealousy or angry like the other girls did when he paid more attention to another girl. A few months later, I start develop stronger feelings for him and he asked me out on an actual date. When we became a couple, he ignored the other girls and treated me like a princess. Then his girlfriend came back.

His ex-girlfriend is very hot and seemed to be interested in him again. She's extra friendly with him, hangs out at his practices and saying sexual innuendos when i am around them. He keeps telling me that there's nothing to worry about. I believed him but a few weeks afterwards, when she flirts with him, he flirts back, when he thinks i am not around and then later on, he does it even when I am around or not far away from. he seem to hang out with her more lets her touch him & he touches her too. when i told him so, he accused me of being too clingly and gives me the silent treatment before 'allowing me to be in his presence after MY intolerable behavior'. Huh!

he promised me to help with my conditioning for track and field try-outs but he was too busy with 'friend' so I asked his friend to help me. when he came in an hour late, he found his friend helping me with his stretching. he accused me of cheating on him with his 'friend'. i protested and told him that since he started hanging around with his ex, he wasn't around anymore so I had to get help from someone else since he was no longer reliable. he didn't want to admit and gave me another silent treatment before hanging back out with me. he never apologized though and silly me, i never oushed him about it.

one day i went over his house and his mom said that he's upstairs with a friend. I walk in his room and found him naked on top of his equally naked ex. She saw me and smiled and asked if I was enjoying the show. He finally turned around and saw me. He stared me for a few seconds and then told me to get out and shut the door. He turned back to her to kiss her and continued having sex with her. I ran out of the room crying and his mother was asking me what was wrong.

His mother called and apologized cause he told her that we were over but were good friends and that he was getting back together with his ex so she thought nothing about them having sex upstairs. She thought they were done so that's why she said it was okay for me to go up. i was so angry and upset that he cheated on me and lied about us to people including his mother.

at a party, we 'reconciled' but i hadn't taken him back though. his ex led him upstairs and they didn't come back for two and a half hours. then he announced publicly in front of everyone that he's dumping me and asked his ex to his girlfriend again. they kissed in front of everyone and in front of me and everyone knew.

We live in a small towm so it's hard not to see each other. I've haven't dated anyone seriously yet. According to my friends, he broke with her a few months later after he dumped me for her officially and has been asking around about me. His ex is still hanging around but he seems to ignore her completely now. i don't trust him so although we hang out cause our friends are in the same circles, i'm not completeing friendly or trusting of him but it hasn't stopped him from trying to go out with me. It's been nearly eleven months and he hasn't stopped trying to get back together with me.


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