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i met this guy about a year and a half ago when he was dating my friend. i didnt pay much attention to him at first and after they broke up i hardly ever saw him. but then band started in the summer and he was there and it turned out he liked me. i was already interested in another guy so for about 3 months i just kind of avoided him and treated him very rudely. when me and the other guy grew apart, the first one was there waiting and we finally started to talk. about a week later he asked me out. we ended up dating for a year and 4 months, and i grew to love this boy with every part of me. he was my whole life. i was accepted into his family and we had an amazing relationship. we made plans for the future and had a song and thought we were gonna be together forever.. until one day he realized that he just didnt feel the same about me anymore. he said he felt too tied down and he wasnt happy. and he broke up with me two days before valentines day. which also would have been our 16th month. i was devastated.. i thought my life was over. who knew that the boy who i hardly had considered giving a chance would end up being so important to me. we tried to be friends and for awhile i hoped there was chance we would get back together. about a week and a half after we broke up i talked to him about the possibility of us trying again and he said he would think about it. two days later i found out he had a new girlfriend. everything that was a part of me seemed to crash down that very moment. now it has been almost a month since we broke up, and although what happened still hurts very very much, and i cant go a day without thinking about him, i am slowly starting to get over him. but no matter what happens i will always cherish our memories together and never regret a single moment of it, despite how it ended. you made me so happy.. i hope you have an amazing life.


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