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I thought I knew him

I left my ex over 10 years ago, met a wonderful man at work and started a family. I was 35 and had issues of alcoholism, etc with my ex and decided it was time to make changes in my life. We remained friends for a few years after mainly because we had dogs in common and we did seem to get along.
About 5 years after, once he was remarried, I discovered that he was charged with 8 different sexual related misconduct incidents with a 10 year old, which happened to be his wife's daughter. I am not sure of the exact charges but do know that he served a one year house arrest. I confronted him in court, after not speaking with him for about a year, to tell him how I felt about this disgusting behavior. He had nothing to say and walked away from me. Being a sexual abused child, by 5 different offenders, I am totally against this behavior. My ex knew this. I had known him for 23 years from when we first met until I broke ties, as a brother in law first, in an 8 year relationship, and as friends until I broke ties 4 years after our breakup. After that period of time of knowing someone, well at least thinking you know someone, I was quite shocked, felt disgusted, and there are no words that can explain the sickening feelings. A lot of these feelings probably have to do with my own past as a sexually abused child.
Last week I found out that he, although still married, had registered for a seniorsizzle website looking for sex. This site is a hard core porn dating site.The shocking part was that he claimed to be bisexual in his profile. I have proof of everything and copied and pasted onto a word document. I even confronted him and asked if his wife knows about this through his facebook messages. I had no prior contact with him over the 6 years since the court confrontation. He proceeded to remove all his info from the link, which I am glad to have copy and pasted for proof.
Once again, I was sickened that I could have even spent time with this individual. I feel so tarnished in my soul to have even known him. These issues that I have found out, on the 2 things I mentioned, regardless of my love for my family, still have a disgusting impact on me. I wish to share stories with others so I can move on with the disgust I feel for this person. I can't be the only one out there who has had these feelings. I feel very sorry for his wife due to the fact she is quite ill and has had 2 brain aneurysms and a stroke. I can't believe he is doing this to her, whether I like her or not isn't the issue, but the morality of my ex going into the website looking for relationships, as a bisexual with married in his profile, is totally appalling.


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