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iim stiill iin love wiit hiim

Ok so im still crazy in love with my x bf.... he was my bestfriend b4 we took our friendship o2 the next level.. April 24 2008 was the happiiest day of my life we were finally a couple... The first 5months were great we saw eachother spoke all day nd night he will call me just to tell me he loves me,he would cancel his plans o2 be with me,take me o2 his family get togethers because he wanted to show me off he showed he loved me nd cared o4 me every chance he could .. but soon afta we passed 6months he started o2 change up in our realationship I wasn't hearing frm him & hardly ever saw him,I would call his cell phone nd house phone nd get no answer or his mom will tell me he wasn't home .. I didn't hear from him or c him for a whole month.. Finally the last week of january of 09 I heard frm him... he apologize o2 me nd told me he was busy packing.. I forgave hiim... after we made a year he really did a 360 on me, we weren't intimate he wanted o2 wait so did I we didn't want to have a realationship base on sex and made an agreement after we made a year we would have sex... so after we made that year I waited another 2months to ask him when are we going to be intimate he would come up with excuses everytime.. I stood over his house plenty times and he wouldn't try nothing or say his stomache hurts... I grew suspicious nd started o2 ask questions comes to find out he was cheating on me with his x girlfriend... I didn't know what to do my heart ache for days I didn't know what to do... my mom and friends told me to leave him that I was o2 good o4 him anyways.. So on november 30,09 I went to see him and approached him about him cheating of course he denied it and when he did every bone in my body ached because I knew it was a lie, but I was willing to stay with him until he said "do whatchu gottah do,I know I love you and im tired of fighting to prove I do, so do what ever I honestly don't care" smh so I left him.... all I wanted was the truth I was honest,true,and faithful o2 him I didn't want any one else but him he was my everything... I miss him so much and I still love him, but we haven't spoken o2 one another his cousins tell me he has already moved on my heart dropped when they told me, crazy I still love him but he doesn't feel the same.


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