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My man

So, he's not really an ex. We've been together for four years and he is starting to act crazy. He calls me b&tch and worthless and argues with me when he's mad at everyone else. He blames ne for all of our arguments. A few years ago I found out he had girls come over 2 his house on three occasions. He says nothing was done with them but he wanted too. When he found out that I had told my friends he said it wasn't my right to go around telling people his business. I caught hell for a week. He treated me like crap but I took it because I love him. Time went on after that and arguments got worse. He hated it when I went anywhere with my friends and accused me of cheating. Thats when I left him. We had been together for 3 yrs and 2 days after I was gone he was already talking to 3 other girls. That hurt. Of course I didn't leave in a good manner. I had my family come and help me leave, because I knew I wouldn't on my own. Then the cops got called and I got my things. I stayed away for four days and then I went back to him. I looked like crap and he made sure he told me that. I left that weekend though to see my family. They live 4 hrs from me. We're having problems again. The name calling is back. Today he started acting crazier. He drove way over the speed limit and promised he would wreck us if I didn't shut up. We had a stupid argument and I don't even know how it turned into an argument. He apologized after and said he was sorry. He keeps saying things like you think you're so smart but you're not and I'm smarter then you. I don't know. It's just driving me crazy. I love him. He's the only person Ive ever been with. I was 16 when I met him. He was 21. I just want things to go back to the way they were when we first met.


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