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I met him at a bar, the attraction was immediate...the chemistry amazing. I broke up with my fiance for this man. He came on pretty strong when I was engaged, even after asking him to back off. But he pursued me relentlessly, even going through my Mom. Telling her how much he loved me and how he thought my fiance was all wrong for me. Eventually I softened to him. I also believed our connection was amazing, had to break it off with my fiance and pursue it. We were together for two years and I began to think it increasingly strange that he'd always want to be at my place, never his. I knew he had 2 kids too and he never introduced me to them or to any of his friends. I'd ask why and he'd say he needed space, time to ease into the relationship. Especially where his kids were concerned. So I was respectful of that, but still had a gut feeling that something was off. I knew the name of the street he lived on and had been tempted a few times to drive by but I never did. However, one day I looked him up in the phone book & right next to his address was a listed land line. He'd said he didn't have one. So I called it. A woman picked up. At first I thought perhaps it was his housekeeper, he'd said he had one. But no, it only took me a couple minutes to figure out that it was his WIFE. Two YEARS he'd kept this hidden from me. I couldn't believe it, I'd given him my complete trust. I never would've thought him capable of betraying my trust to that degree. Of course she asked who I was and I told her. Long story short, she tossed him out. He tried to stay but she wanted nothing to do with him. Now of course he wants me, says he loves me and always did, was just too afraid to tell me. And of course he says he'd been planning on telling her, just not right away. Yeah right!! He'd have never told her. I was just his dirty little secret. He probably figured I'd break it off with him when it got to the point where he could no longer string me along with his pleas for space. And then on to the next. We are so over!!! Though I miss him, he is not at all the man I thought he was. I feel so sorry for his wife. They were married for 30 years. He even told me he was ten years younger than he really is. I won't see him. I hope she takes him for all he has. What a pig. I loved him so much. =(


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