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I Wish I Never Met Him...

One of my guy friend's asked me out in November of 2008 and I decided to give him a chance since he was my friend. So we went out for a while, but realized we had no connection, so then we decided to break up.

Later on, he asked me out again two days after my birthday and I accepted his proposal once again. We started to have a good connection until one of my good best friends told me that he was just manipulating me because he wanted revenge on my good best friend who told me this. I found out from a group of friends that he was talking sh&t about me behind my back. I told him about it and he denied everything. I was so confused at this point. He kept telling me that he loves me and told me that those rumors weren't true.

I could care less about those rumors that spread around school, but the thing that I cared about the most was the things he said behind my back. So I just decided to ignore it since I didn't want it to be stuck in my mind. So we decided to meet up together every morning before school, so we could have time to hang out.

As weeks passed by he told me that he wants to end his relationship with me. I asked him for the reason he wants to break up. He told me that he was "ordered" to break up with me. I told him that he was suppose to be my boyfriend and I told him that all that time we've been together you treated me like a piece of sh&t. I gave him the satisfaction of his "desire", but I was too blinded to see that he never liked me at all and that he only liked me for my sex appeal.

Later on during the week, I pass by him only to see with another girl that he puts his arm around. I wasn't bothered by it, but as the days went by, I see him kissing her in front my face and I decided to run home without turning back. As I went home, I told myself I wasn't gonna cry, but I ended up crying anyways. So every time I see him at school it gets more and more intense. I still had feelings for him, but I knew if I looked into to his eyes, I would fall for him again. So I made sure I didn't look into his eyes when we pass by each other. I told his sister, who I'm really good friends with, about what had happened between her brother and I. She was devastated when I told her about it. With all of this sh&t that's been happening to me, I realized that I should have never accepted his proposal and that I never should of started dating in the first place.


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