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Well, that was rude!

Well I was going out with this girl. I really liked her and then out of nowhere she broke up with me. She told me that she regrets EVERYDAY we ever went out. And it turns out that she was cheating on my with her boyfriend who is still her boyfriend now. It really killed me. And I still like her. But I like this other girl now. She is really cool. I absolutely love her personallity. But we text all the time. We have never talked in person though. I'm very shy and so is she. I want her to make the first move though. She thinks that I should. And then were a grade apart and I'm taking this other girl who I kinda like to a dance. The girl that I really like thinks that I like the girl that im going to the dance with. We sometimes fight. But then it gets better right away. I think that we could be perfect for each other. But I wish that I could make the first move. :(


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