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A bet?

This is one of those complicated stories. Anywho, I met him at a bar and this should've clued me in to how he was/is. He was a looker. Definitely the kind of guy that I would like to take around with me and flaunt and go ga-ga over. lol. He came over and chatted me up. I explain to him that I'm NOT interested in having any sort of relationship or hook-up for that matter with him or anyone else. He respects my statement and explains that he really just wants to talk(never the truth) and he wants to be friends(also, far from the truth) I go home. Not thinking about it and after a few weeks forget about it. Well a month goes by and I end up at the same bar. I'm enjoying myself and then I notice the same guy is watching me dance. I blush cause all girls like attention from hotties and I make my way off the stage. He calls out my name, which shocked me cause it's been a month and he remembered who I was. We talk again and I give him the same speech and leave for the night. I wake up the next morning and it appears to be that he tracked me down on the internet. Asking to be my friend on a social networking site. I add him curious at what I'd find. And he appeared to be harmless. We exchange numbers and start to talk often. Soon we're having movies and dinner together and seeing each other all the time. After a few months of this and no sex(my choice of course) I comtemplate giving him booty. Cause I wanted it just as bad. *stupid girl* We hung out for a total of 4 months. So I go over one day and go for it, right. The after you have sex part is always the worst. You don't know what's gonna happen... Well he called. We talked. We went out to the bar. Started a relationship. One night we go out to the bar together and he's being his normal flirty self. And that doesn't really bother me. Cause by then I knew that I was important to him. His drunk friend is hanging on me and says, "Hey, Why are you still talking to her? The bets over." Of course, the cartoon head shake came out with a big comment bubble above me that said, "WTF!?!" I say, excuse me. The smile on my boys face disappears like shaking the etch-a-sketch board. me-"I'm a WHAT?!?" friend- "OH-OH" #### "NO baby. It was silly. I love you. Don't listen to him." friend- "Oh-oh" #### - "When I first met you he bet me 1,000 that I couldn't get you that night. But I dropped it after I met you the second time." me-"alrighty... nice knowing you." exited stage left and that was the final performance I ever made in that play. UGH boys are dumb.


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