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did he really love me?

it was back in middle school i met this awesome guy..i jus though he was perfect for me..and of course we started dating and all that kind of stuff.well we dated for about a year and a month.i was so attached to him i was afraid to let him go jus like that.we used to go and do every thing together like couples do of course and i love him very much..well thats that. then one summer evening my girlfriend called me over to go to a party..i had told my boyfriend and he asked who was i going with..i said with my friends and some other guy friends (of course i have to be honest with him) and he got mad or jealous or watever idkk that he wasnt talking to me that day..then i didnt text him or call him..and the next day when i woke upp he called me and told me it wasnt going to work out and better of for us to be friends..i couldnt help but to start crying..thinking what did i do wrong,what what. then the very next day i went over to his house and we were i his room jus talking about it. all of a sudden he jus tells me..u wanna try this again because i cant see you sad..and me of course said yes i jus loved him very much couldnt say noo. okay so we were good that day..and the very next day he calls me again and tells me its not going to work out again..but this time i didnt go to his house and i tried to tell him to explain to me why he had done that but he didnt want to tell me..we started arguing and all but it jus made things worser..he said he needs time and all that..i gave him that time but instead he got wit this girl that i really hated..from that point i jus told my self i have to move on..if killed me to do that but it was my only choice..now thinking back if he really have feelings for me or was he jus watever with me and i still heve doubts for him.


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