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he loves another girl

We started as friends. Hang out with other friends, until one day we just realized that it was only the two of us were just hanging out. Many days and months past.. One day, he told me that he was fallen in love with me. At first, i just laugh at his confession and ignored it. But he showed me that he really loved me. So i fall for him too. We were happy when we are together. I thought that happiness won't last, but i was totally wrong. I just realized one day that his sweetness and love is not like what he has for me before. And only to found out that he was reconciling with his EX gf. I was so hurt and i cried a lot. I even felt that my heart was broken into pieces. He was the first guy who made me cry so hard. I thought I can't move on. But I did. With the help of my friends and God, I did. They were right that prayer is the answer for everything. Now, i am happy with my present boyfriend. My EX bf taught me to be strong and to have a strong faith in God. I am not mad at him anymore, I even want to thank him for the heartaches he has given bcoz that made me stronger. :)


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