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A Lonely December PART TWO

It was fun how people would make "teams". Like, Team Jacob or Team Edward, between boys lol Earlier in Sept. I was getting teased at with Jim, and now, the TRIPLE of it! Anyways the month of October was soo confusing, but the best October in my entire life. James would now hug me e v e r y day. Charlie would talk to me e v e r y day. I couldn't choose between them. The whole month of October was of them, but a bit more of Jim. When we went for the first time together to the theater, AND HE SAT NEXT TO ME, I was ohhh so nervous. He tried the whole time to grab my hand or pass his arm around me. Typical, huh? but it was all so new to me. Next time we went together, he succeeded. Firstly I would avoid it by taking my hand under my legs, so I wouldn't tempt myself into letting it happen. When it did, I couldn't stop staring at OUR hands TOGETHER! Charlie was another thing, with him, I could chat for hours on the phone! One day I asked Jim what he was doing, in Windows Messenger, and he was like, "Thinking about you..." AWW! He even dedicated a song to me. And had his hair styled like The Beatles, for me :P In school, Jim would be even MORE time with me, like right after school he would stay with me instead of going to his football training. Always together. There was one point when everybody would ask us if we were dating already. The first person who did it was Charlie! It was so awkward. Once when we got asked the "Are you dating" question, we went in our directions, and Jim whispered... "Not yet..." OMG! Then comes THE news. Jim was going to ask me out on a friend's 'quinceañera', the last day of October. So it was a matter of time now, to clear up my thoughts and choose. And you know? I was always attracted to Charlie PHYSICALLY while I was attracted to Jim EMOTIONALLY. Even though in my head I thought it was backwards, cause I liked talking with Charlie and liked hugging and being with Jim. The day came, I dressed as pretty as I could. Charlie was already there,looking very handsome. I couldn't keep my eyes off him! Jim wouldn't arrive, it was getting late. One friend, let's call him Tom, said that Jim wasn't coming anymore. It was okay, it was quite a disappointment but okay. A while later, Tom came to me and started distracting me, asking me if I was sad that Jim wasn't coming. Tom had a girlfriend, and when he hugged me SUDDENLY, she went wild! She was like, LEAVE MY BF ALONE! and I was like HE hugged ME! I noticed that everyone was giggling and looking behind me. Tom's girlfriend stopped threatening me to 'let his bf go'. I was like, what the hell is going on?! Tom lets me go, I look behind me and there is Jim!!! He hugs me tenderly:) I also giggled, and I told how everybody played with me. We talked for a while, then I went dancing cause my friends basically PULLED me to the dance floor. I was afraid to face Jim. When he came and tried to dance with me(he hates dancing), he started getting closer. The moment was CLOSE. Then another song starts, I Gotta Feeling. He starts lowering his head, I close my eyes, and we kiss. My first kiss!!! :D And with Jim!! Right after he kisses me, he whispers to my ear if I'd like to be his gf. Of course I went to his ear, and said, well... with a long pause... I'd love to, yes. And kissed again. And hugged. And he told me he loved me. lol I WAS OUT OF BREATH! Then off we go to the lounge and sit together. We talked, and kissed, talked and kissed. We were now together!! :D


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