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A Lonely December PART ONE

I entered a new school. Freshmen year. I was like the only new girl there, well not really, like a few other girls have entered too but they already knew people there. I knew NO ONE, I was a complete stranger. During the beginnings of class in August and all the way through September, I was the "new toy". Every boy would flirt with me, some in purpose just trying to intimidate me and others really liked me. I would always be looking for attractive boys, you know, and criticizing people in my mind lol There was one boy, George, who would always tell that I was his girlfriend, I mean, SUPPOSEDLY. It was only joking around. Among these boys was... James. The first time I saw him... I thought, "He looks cute. He looks like a class clown (he was)... he isn't a 10... but he's got something." I mean, instant attraction. James would always be behind me (I wouldn't btw). He would always try and seat next to me, to annoy me in every single way, and to catch my attention. I love the Beatles, and he would always be singing their songs! He was OBVIOUS. The funny part was that when I know someone likes me, I usually ignore them and act all awkward and careful around them(so they could get the idea that we're just friends). And I wouldn't stay away from this boy, James. James was so funny, hyperactive, and sweet at the same time. He would say he was Paul McCartney (yeah right!). Those first three weeks of school were just boys flirting always with me. I was obviously looking for someone to like by then, looking for someone that was good looking. I really never realized I have already found that person I needed. Then comes this two weeks in September when suddenly James stops being the usual annoying boy with me. He stops trying to sit near me and everything, he became distant. The only day he talked to me was THE day 09/09/09 (When The Beatles: Rockband would come out) just to ask me if the game was cool. I would act as thought I didn't care about him. I didn't wanted him to think that I was interested in him. So yeah, those two awful weeks were strange. I would come home and say how boring it was. And like before that I would say how awesome school was, and come home all enthusiastic. In other words: James made me happy. He would be the highlights of my day. When he wouldn't hang with me, I would now be with this other boy, Charlie. Charlie was sooo cute. He would kind of resemble my Paul McCartney. He replaced James by then. Thinking James was past now, he starts AGAIN being the usual comic him. ANNOYINGLY SWEET as I would say. I loved how he teased me. James gave me hidden messages in what he said, once he had said, "Will you change school??" I said that yeah, I wanted to go to London, and he said,"Don't go! George will miss you haha." He was like Jacob Black(from Twilight) saying to Bella that Quil loved her, get it? Something told me that James would be the one missing me :) He did sooo many charming things I'd love to tell them all. Like tickling me in the back when he would be behind me. Acting all jealous with boys. Threatening persons (even girls!) to give him his seat that was usually around me. Sitting next to me in lunch. WINKING at me, and giving me this sexy smirks and shaking his head so his hair would move back in place, all seductively. He was charming! Anyways, then comes one day, when I was walking toward my locker, and he was there with his arms open, and I was like, what?, he said, "Can you give me a hug?" "Why?" "I'm a hugger :)" And hugged me. It was a very precious moment. It was official: I loved him. But when I was with Charlie, I would also feel attracted to him. I liked two boys. This was in the endings of September. I'd name it A Lovely September, too.


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