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loosing what you never knew

I had my eye on this guy ever since I was in middle school. He made me laugh, made me cry, and all the the same time I would say to him, "I love you." Once we got into Jr. High and High school, "I love you" became I need you and want only you! As exciting as this was, I played hard to get, and he ended up trying to pursue me for a whole 8 months before we ended up dating offically. Freshman, sophmore and junior year increased with time as well as how I felt about him. All my frends loved his crazy and outgoing personality. We even went to separate schools, but saw eachother just as we would if we both went to the same school. Then, his friends, and my friends clashed. I knew who my real friends were, they told me he would only take and break my heart. I didn't want to think of that, so I thanked them for their advice and disregarded it all. His friends would tell him things which effected our relationship immensely. He always wanted me to agree with him, no matter how much I didnt want to do or say what he asked for. It got to the point where he had me wrapped around his finger, and I didn't even know who I was anymore. My grades were bad, my morals were absurd, and my friends were fading away. Then, I found out this was not what I wanted. I tried to tell him how he should be, but I realized You cant change a person, they must change themselves if they really mean it. After physical, and mental abuse, I had to choose whether losing someone that I fell in love with and planned out a possible future with, was more important then my goals in life. I Broke up with him, not because of all the girls he had cheated on me with, or all the porn he consumed himself with, or even from the constant lies he told along with the hurtful actions I was put into. No! I broke up with him because I wanted to go away, and with hope, find who I am, because I didnt want to stay with him, and find out who I would become. My Ex was my everything, I would tell him I'll do anything you want me to do, as long as you promise that you will love me. Now, I know that in a real relationship, you both must truely think like that but also think of yourself, and know why you love that person. You must be loved, cared for, and at the same time realize you may be hurt. Do yourself a favor, stop and think what makes you YOU, and what makes him worth a little hardship. Dont get caught up in what the furture would be like for you and your bf. That only makes a girl too attached over thoughts and actions that havnt even hapened yet. Things like that made me stay with a guy I didnt even know who he was in the end.


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