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the CHEATER who loved me

okay, my boyfriend just dumped me all of a sudden one day and asked my best friend out.He also really hurt her feelings about how fat she was!(shes not fat) so after about 2 weeks i got a phone call and it was him asking me if we wanted to go out!!!! by then i decided that there was nothing about him that i liked. plus my cuz told me that he said my friend is going to pay 5 dollars for every girl i go out with this year. so anyway i said no and he started to beg. i kinda liked it knowing that someone was begging to go out with me! 2 more weeks later he asked me again and started to lie about stuff i was even there for.he said my friend said to him while they were in her dads car"common lets kiss no ones looking.i know u love me just say it."
and he bent in to kiss her.now my friend said that she didnt say that at all and said that he said"im going to text that nerd that we are makin out now...imagine the sour look on her face when she gets to the school."
(im the nerd)
the only reason he likes me is money or looks. he also told me cuz that he was going out with six girls. he and i had been going out for 9 months then one day i got a call and bam it hit me like a bullet i spent the next week not talking to him and he didnt know what was wrong

*take my advice if a guy says he loves u then breaks up wit u then begs you to love them...SAY NO!*


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