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she knew i wasn't happy

i was the kind of guy that u can say was a flirt, was mister playa playa u know...the one and only mister tough guy didnt need any gurl in life cuz i would just holla at the next. I had been spittin game since 2nd grade and started cheatin since...well 2nd grade. I had been like that all the way up to my 8th grade year when i thought i fell in love with a girl. we talked and everything and started goin out i stopped bein an ass and didnt flirt wit any gurls. at the time my dad had gotten a truck dat wass so badass she loved it...i would go see her in it quite often...it was a 2000toyota tundra but 1 day i had to go see her in our 96 neon da ugly red color and dat weekend we had plans to go to our first party togethr but wen i showed to her house she saw the car said she wasnt goin and sent me home...it was the first time i cried over a gurl...dat weekend she didnt want to be wit me...her cuzin stared talkin 2 my bestfriend and she presented me to her friend...we talked but i wasn't ready to move on. I let time go by and we didnt talk much so she met this guy at the fair wen i was suppose to meet her but i didnt go...she started talkin 2 him and forgot bout me kinda my fault but still u know. well 1 day around november 15 of 2007 she called me cuz her parentz made her cry i calmed her down and we started talkin again... we finally met in january 19 2008 face 2 face and wanted to get to know eachother i called her on jan 23 2008 and asked if she wanted to be my gurl she said yes so we started goin out once my ex found out she started calling me and buggin me and woodn't leave me alone at first i was tempted and my gurl knew that cuz i told her that yes i did have some feelings for my ex but wat happened happpened and thats that we started our relationship very difficultly we didnt have her parents support so it was a secret i had a rough time gettin her trust cuz i was a flirt but she chilled me out and i gave her my life and soul as she did to me we are eachothers life and we have also been eachothers first i will give anything for her and she would to we were about to move in together cuz her parents woodnt let us be together even though she was 18 already but we made it clear that we will be together in the end and we will not be torn apart we have been together for 2 years on jan 23 2010 and i dont regret anything with her she deserves everything i can give her and we are gettin our first vehicle together a 2005 trailblazer ls and we cant wait to start our lives together...basically wat i want to say is not a single relationshipp is perfect it only gets better but u both need to make part in it and u both need to understand itz not a game and also i u think that problems will fix themselves ur wrong u need to communicate to get stronger look inside the sole and true beauty will be found


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