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Always listen to your friends

I am 19, last year a left school and started work at a sales shop. While i was working there I started hanging out with all the other employees, we were all young and we loved to head out and have a great time. It was then I learned about this guy, who used to work there too, but since he had left the job awhile ago he was not very liked in the shop. One night out i met him and we were introduced formally. I liked him, he was funny and outgoing. Even though i knew that he had a bit of a bad reputation, we stated texting each other everyday. I liked it, it was exciting and I feel head over heels for him. So we started meeting up most nights, and we started having sex, it was the second guy I had ever slept with, this went on for months, texting.... meeting.... having sex...drinking... going out. But all the time it was never more than that because I was afried people were going to judge me at work for having anything to do with him. He understood and we planned to go overseas to travel. After about 6 months things went funny... I found out he was also shagging some girl that worked at a supermarket, and when I asked him about it he told me to f*** off and that I cause so many problems... I cried for 2 days. I forgave him because he said it was all bulls**t and we continued to see each other. Then one night I looked at his phone and saw some texts that his 'ex-girlfriend' was sending him. I didnt say anything, but later that night (valentines day) I saw his car parked outside her house (he doesnt think I know where she lives).... anyway I was devestated... the next night I saw his car there again. I asked him if he was back with her and he went crazy, saying im always causing a fight! He will never admitt that he cheats even though I have proof he does it all the time. The latest I have heard is that they have run away for a dirty weekend togteher, and that they are moving overseas together next month. What a dick, I'll never trust a guy again. I feel stupid for not listening to everyone else. Always listen to your friends...


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