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I miss you.

Im very young, I understand that people think that you shouldn't do all this and just have fun when your young. But I can be very very very insecure about myself, Others just don't understand that. Back in 07' I got with my best friend's cousin, He was the best. We hung out each and everyday for a month, then when I got to me his cousins it started going down. It's been almost a year or two that since we've broken up. But in 08' we avoided each other ALL THE TIME...Because I always hung out with his cousin's girlfriend, she basically was my best friend since I pushed everyone away, as in my cousins and true friends. But I'd always do this thing when I'd call once a month, But we'd ALWAYS ARGUE. Even now, we just added each other on websites and he just is so weird. I know i'm still in his heart, Because if I wasn't he wouldn't be acting so awkward. One time, he thought he was so much better that he tried yelling at me...that didn't go well, simple fact i've always made my own decision in our relationship...let's just say i was selfish. I miss him, I honestly do. But just recent around september 08 me and my best friend started falling apart, then i realized everything, that i miss him and how i was such a selfish bitch. So of course, he loved me enough to try again....after a week i realized i couldn't take it. Now i'm insecurely jealous of his new girlfriend, they've been together for almost 9 to 10 months, it's crushing me inside. I can't believe he could even think of replacing our memories. But i know he still thinks of it and all of it all the time. No matter what...he was the best, (:


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