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The Seven Year Itch

He was a man full of talent. He made me laugh, treated me well, and often spoke about how he saw himself with me. Fast forward to..we decide to buy a house. We look and look for months and finally we find it! Meanwhile, he gets more involved in his hobby, begins to become so involved he often stayed away. Once it came time to pack and move into the house- he stopped. He ran away, and into the arms of one of the closest women he could find. A castmate. Just that simple, he found someone else. That is heartbreaking after 7 years, and he ran not only from me but all the dreams we talked about.
I can't help but wonder if the 7 year itch was all just a bunch of lies, or his fears coming to the surface.
I am moving into the house we bought together, one of the last happy things he has left me with.
Aside from that, this has been painful and overwhelming.


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