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He said he loved me

So i had this friend. she was like my sister my one that i could tell everything to. She invited me to one of her dance competitions and i had to hold her phone for her. It suddenly vibrates saying she has a text. so of course i opened it. it was from her friend ... lets call him Aut. aut had texted her asking if she was ever going to talk to him again. so naturally i replied saying sorry my friend is at her dance competiteion but this is her friend "L".he then wanted to talk to me ... i gave him my number of course and we texted. we texted all the time then ... every night up to the late hours and every day to.my friend said you were bad and horrible and i shouldnt talk to aut.... well i know everyone deserves a second chance. you started getting more and more demanding... wanting me to role play and make up stories about us and doing things... i played along cuz i really like aut.. you had a girlfriend though and that confused me. a few months later you asked me out and the calling texting and role playing went overboard... we had our wedding planned and the names of our kids.. my friend found out and was supper mad she warned me and scared me... i broke up with you because i got scared... we talked still and you kept demanding.... before i knew it we were dating again... role playing and everything else.... you would randomly hang up on me and get mad just out of the blue... i could say yeah i love you ... and you would get mad i wasnt sure if you were the right one so yet again i broke up with aut...i went on a youth group trip were we couldnt talk for a week ... i met this guy... i liked him he liked me... and he asked me out and i accepted because i felt like i needed to try something different ... when you found out aut was devastated... you would call crying and saying "angel but but i love you so much baby" i felt bad and didnt know what to do i broke up with the one guy and went back to you... aut got scared and now all our role playing was romantic and you talked to me till i fell asleep... i was happy and content..... school was about to start and i got scared... you lived an hour away and went to a different school.... i called and you wanted to talk to me about something.... i said maybe we should break up cuz you were going into high school and there would be tons of girls and pretty ones at that.... you said you didnt want any of them that you already had seen them all and that i was the one for you.... i was your angel and we were going to get married...but you then said but i sorta agree cuz my mom said if i could lay off the girls for a weekend that i was aloud to invite them over and go on real dates..... but aut said he still wanted to be with me... we just couldnt talk that weekend..... that saturday i went on facebook and checked auts page.... i was shocked at the post..." glad me and lindsy are all good just started dating but 1 hour ago and im happier than i ever could be" i broke down in sobs.... i thought we were still together... i cried and cried... i called my friend whos phone we met on... she said i told you so and that it was all my fault... i should have listened to her.... and she was happy i was in pain... and to make it worse ... "by the way hes dating someone whos cheating on him... so hes cheating on you with someone whos cheating on him."..... i was devasted i got mad and broke up with him... he called over and over till finally i picked up... he apologized and said they only dated for 2 hours.... and the only reason he did it was cuz it was his ex and he was working at his work and his ex came up and said if you date me ill buy you ice cream... and aut really wanted ice cream.... i cried every night for about 2 weeks after that.... 1 month later aut called.... he kept calling and calling and calling saying how he missed me and wanted me back.... this went on for about 4 months... finally after about 8 months he stopped and we havent talked since....


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