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He preferred fantasy over real

Okay, so now there's a reality t.v. show about sex addictions. Dr. Drew is bringing awareness to t.v. viewers about this very dysfunction addiction. Great! I wish it had come one year earlier so that I would have been able to recognize the very obvious signs before I wasted a year of my time with an internet porn addict. The individual I dated knew he had this problem, yet he brought it into our relationship knowing full well that it was a major factor that contributed to the demise of his marriage just prior to our relationship. This man pursued me. For what? I think that is the question that still nags me.

What's so sad is this guy has three daughters, all of whom believe their dad has mental issues. Those relationships are all strained and that seems bring him a lot of pain. Of course he blames their perception of him on their mothers (he has three baby mammas).

That's another thing about most addicts, they don't take responsibility for their issues--they ALWAYS place the blame elsewhere. Sure, some very unfortunate and traumatic things sometimes happen to people early in life that may cause some to act out in ways that are self-destructive. However, once we are grown, we are responsible for our own actions.

If this guy would have owned up to his issues when I broke it off with him and apologized to me for bringing all of his baggage into my life, I could have accepted this ordeal and just chalked it up as a bad relationship experience. After all, I'm usually a very compassionate person. However, this man's arrogance and vindictiveness when I broke it off, made it a difficult one for me to forget. He's even had the nerve to contact my very close friend, who really is like a mother to me, just out of the blue to tell her that he misses her, but he's okay--"he's like a cat so he always lands on his feet". What would make him think that my friends would want to have anything to do with him once he and I are no longer a couple? He really gives himself way too much credit.

I believe that it is a fact that approx. 6% of the population are psychopaths, no doubt I dated one of them.


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