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Me and my ex met in the summer of 2001 when I was 15 she was 17 from day one everyone and I mean EVERYONE told me to get away from her she would be nothing but trouble, first she liked attention so much that even though she was dating me she would sometimes kiss other times pretend to kiss my best friend right in front of me, soon after that she started sleeping with her sisters boyfriend. next after I stupidly gave her another chance she has sex with another friend of hers in a pool after a fight one night, then her ex comes down to spend the night with her from her hometown again she sleeps with him. We break up and dont even really see each other again until spring of 2002 when i started dating another friend of mine, she goes out of her way to try and get me to sleep with her and end my current happy relationship when it dont work she appeals to a gay side of my current gf (mind you she is dating my lesbian cousin at this time) after me and the new gf break up she starts sleeping with me and my cousin both for awhile then she eventually dumps her to be with me again only to turn around and continue to sleep with us both for awhile, fall 2002 we live with my aunt she kisses one of our neighbors shows her tits to another, and tries to seduce a friend of a friend all cause he said he would like to, nothing major happens for a few years aside from petty bs I can look past until we start living with another friend and she cheats on me with a kid that lives with our friend, she then lies on and off telling me she was lying to see what i would say for almost a year only to find out it was completely true, by now she is also sleeping with another friend she met at her current address but still refuses to let me leave her we finally break up for the final time in late sept 2005 thank god how much can one person actually think is justified to do to someone and moreover how much can someone take?


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