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I have a guy bestfriend in high school who eventually became my boyfriend for more than a year. I think we broke up because he fell out of love (Well, I also think that he has another girl). I was bitter then, but was able to fully recover a year after we broke up. They're also our family friend so we still see each other during special events and celebrations sometimes but we don't really talk to each other anymore. No communication at all. Six years passed... One day, he went to our home to ask my dad to accompany him somewhere. When they got back, he stayed for a couple hours at our house. Night time came... Time for me to go to work (I work in call center - most shifts are during the night), he persisted that he drive me to work using my bro's suzuki. I didn't want to argue (and partly, I want to be with him...) so I just agreed. And that's where it all started... Again... From then on, he kept on texting me. Then one night, he confessed his feelings. I feel the same way for him so I said yes to him for the second time. It's like the feeling that we used to have before all came back again. Good thing is that we're a lot more matured in handling our relationship this time (we also became sweeter/more thoughtful/understanding). We really learned a lot from our previous mistakes. I'm happy with my decision to give ourselves a second chance. ;)


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