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Love you always part two

"i love u too" he askd me how i knew for sure and i just told him that my heart fluttered when i saw him, that i always thought of him, and that i just knew bc i got weak when he lookd into my eyes. He then said "i love you" and i just smiled. He had always been askd out, and so didnt want to ask me out. I know now i should have, but i didnt ask him bc of my pride. I had told him that i wouldnt and couldnt bring myself to. So we stayd friends, he said he loved me every nite before he went to sleep. To this day i dont know what changed, but we startd fighting, a lot. We almost lost eachother but we knew that we had something and decided to try and save our friendship at least. We fought a lot at first but then we startd working it out. We are now good friends again, tho not as close as we were. But i still love him, i know he likes me. I just regret never asking him. I regret never taking any action for how i felt. Always will i love him, and never will i forget him.


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