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i miss you, do you miss me?

I never knew a boy could be like this. Okay. It started of during summer, we were both madly in love with each other. Months grew stronger, and I thought it was all okay. But then things happened. He became so bitchy and he cared less, i felt really hurt cause the guy i love, is loving me less. I don't get it. But, I had to think about it, did he need space? Or, is he seeing someone else? I felt really confused because girls really react when things like this happen. I never knew how to ask him because whenever i talked to him about these things, i knew it wouldn't turn out right. I was DAMN SCARED. I never wanted to lose him, and since we kept fighting, for the smallest things, he got so annoyed with it. He told me he wanted time alone. I agreed, but deep inside, i never wanted it to happen, after waiting for a day or 2, i got so tired with it, Cause I didn't know if he really cared or not, and i didn't wanna get hurt anymore. So i asked him if he wanted to break up, he actually said it was okay with him. I asked myself " Is this even right? Should i still be with him, even if I love him so so much but he doesn't really care? Will he change? " I wanted to be the guy that would really love me. I thought it was time for me to do it, I thought he'd still chase me after breaking up. But then, when I broke up with him, he never really asked for a second chance. I felt really hurt and i didn't know what to do, I knew i wasted my time, but i knew he was still worth it. Because no guy has ever made me feel that way before, he's the only guy that made me feel comfortable.. Til now, i still wished he had chased after me and i really miss him. But i guess, it would always be a distant memory.


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