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All Because of the Blue Hair

I dated the same boy for almost two years. We'd been on again, off again, but even in those in between times, it was still as if we were dating. The time came when I knew things weren't like they should be and it felt right to break things off. It did not go over well. He yelled at me but after trying to calm him down, I eventually got him to talk in a normal voice. We then decided it was for the best. The only catch was, we were best friends and talked every day. I didn't really consider it to be a problem which was my first mistake. We went to school together and saw each other every day...something else I didn't see as a problem. We stayed close and lots of people still thought we were together. I'd met a new guy a couple months after the break up. It was a completely friendly relationship, harmless flirting here and there. My ex was not a big fan. He'd never really liked me being around any other guys. So one night, at a game, my ex, my new friend, and I were there. I'd tried to say hi to my ex but when he didn't respond, I went to my new friend. This made my ex mad. He was literally glaring at me from his seat. My new friend and I talked a bit, flirted some, but nothing too extreme. However, my ex was furious. He told me that I had some nerve and, if looks could kill, I'd have been dead a hundred times over. I tried to meet up with him after the game, but I never found him. My new friend came over to talk to me and right at that moment, my ex came out. Seeing me with my new friend sent him over the edge. He stormed away. He then called me, cussed me out, told me to never talk to him again, and said he was on his way to kill himself. I told his family, who also was glaring at me, that they needed to stop trying to scare me and go find him. I sank to the ground sobbing. My new friend came over, picked me up and held me and let me cry. The next day I successfully avoided my ex until the end of the day. I'd walked to the front of the school to go to my car and he started to search for me. My new friend, bless his heart, came over to talk to me right as my ex looked over. Seeing me and my friend together blew him out of the water. He yelled at me across the campus. I'd never been so afraid in my life. Needless to say, we are no longer allowed to see or speak to each other. I can't say I'm completely torn up about it. I feel a sense of freedom. I just hope he can feel it too.


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