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I started seeing this guy when I was 15 almost 16. He was my first real love, and the first guy I had become intimate with. Three months into our relationship he gets my name tattooed onto his chest. Sometime later he proposed to me and promised to marry me when I graduated High School. I was excited because he seemed to have things together. He had a full time job and was well on his way towards getting an apartment. 2 years into our relationship he lost his full time job, and took up drinking. He became verbally abusive and proceeded to convince me that I was stupid. He started blowing off plans we had made. I could see we weren't getting anywhere. The sex wasn't satisfying anymore, and he was getting crueler with each day. I had also wised up and decided I did not want to marry him until I was out of college and working fulltime. He was furious. He didn't speak to me for days. He continued to blow me off to drink with his friends. Wasting his un-employment money and refusing to go back to school. One night everything got to be too much for some reason. I picked the wrong fight. He dumped me. A week later I was browsing through facebook and noticed pictures of my ex with another girl. Due to the nature of the photos, and the date that they had been taken it confirmed my suspicion that he had been cheating on me. It broke my heart. How could someone be so cruel? I started talking to old friends again and tried to move on. One of my friends told me that my ex was making lewd jokes about me. He asked all of his male friends "Would you sleep with her?" I had had enough it was one thing to break up with me and be a pig it was another to continue to be cruel after the fact. I gave him a call. I told him "You're just upset because I never wanted to F%&* you at the end of our relationship!" Then I hung up satisfied with my response. Three months later I started seeing my best friend. My ex is actually seeing my new boyfriend's ex girlfriend. Who has a drug habit and a C-section scar from the baby girl she doesn't take care of.

**Please don't stay longer than you have to in a relationship if things get that bad**


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