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so i had this really kool guy friend and i allways wondered does he feel the same way about me like i do with him???
Everytime Taylor Swifts song You belong with me came on I was like turn it up and the whole time i would think of him. My cusin said i was like always day dreaming in my fantacy world about him. I finally decided to ask him if he liked me so i did and he said yes. And i slapped myself to make sure i wasnt dreaming. I wasnt and then i asked him out so we dated for a while and i told him that i heard he was cheating on me and he said who did you hear that from.......i told him he amited to it and i felt disapionted but i forgave him and then he dumped me..........Now we have dated like 4 more times but we are not gonna date for awhile but we are still really good friends we are like best friends I talk to him everynight but my friends still think that we are dating and sleeping together because they think that guys and girls caint be that good of friends with their exs but we just ignore them........he said we got to much to risk dating agian because we are both afraid that it might end badly but I still love him but he just dont know it.......


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