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If I told you a secret,
Would it mean anything to you?
Would you hold it close to your heart?
The way you used to?
Would you promise to never tell a soul?
Would that be your goal?
Or am I being odd
To hope, to wish,
To think anything at all?
What's up with this barrier?
This wall?
This obstacle standing so tall,
I'm incapable of breaking through,
But I guess that was your aim after all,
In a hole, I wish to crawl,
The darkness will shield me from the pain.

What's up with this force?
This attraction to you?
You're now here but can't find you
and the feelings still stay,
I never asked for things to end up this way,
I don't even know you anymore,
Yet I'm still attracted.
If only I could be distracted,
If only my feelings could change.
But this is the way things are,
I'll watch them scar,
This is the worst feeling I've felt by far.
I love you,
Stranger quite far ............


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