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I dated my ex for three years. In all honesty looking back I have never met such a hypocritical self involved brat in my life. In the beginning of our relationship he was all about honestly and trust but as it progressed his true nature finally surfaced and I began to dislike him more and more. I stayed with him when I realized I no longer loved him because he seemed hellbent in trying to make things right and be with me but it was all an act of control. Also my best friend who was also my cousin died and I felt like because he helped us get together I should stay with him in his honor. He was a cheater, high maintenance, and expects everyone else to serve him. He also still lives at home with his parents and doesn't have a job now. Also he invested in a motorcycle as his sole mode of transportation and we live in a state that has winters. So I hoped that with his "changes" that I could love him again but that wasn't the case. I broke up with him and it felt amazing like a smothering blanket was lifted from my heart. Time went by and my heart mended. I grew strong again and someone I met and befriended through my ex became close to me. We are engaged now and he is the most wonderful person I have ever met and the most selfless. We are both givers in the relationship so we are always trying to accommodate each other. We are our true selves and we TALK about what's going on in our heads and our feelings rather than have a tantrum. The best things are often found after traveling through the muck and mire.


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