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Ok, here's my story (which by the way is still ongoing). The date today is October 27th, 2009. My ex and I had been dating for two years. We were high school sweethearts. He had a bad home life (dad comitted sucide, moved out of his moms and was living with grandparents) so he moved in with my parents and I (seperate bedrooms). Beginning of July he stopped working but kept asking me for money so he could have gas money to go fishing with the guys. Unbeknownst to me, he was using the money to go see another girl. Anyway, July 31st he decided it was over. Packed his stuff and moved out. Simple right? NOT...he started doing mean shit like coming to my parents and digging trenches with his tires in our yard, coming in my house and pushing me, constantly calling, texting, emailing, having this girl and her friend call me and email me nasty crap and he just kept stalking me to be mean to me and "flaunt" this other girl in my face. Three weeks after we broke up I was at my brothers house and the ex went by three times screeching his tires wanting to be noticed. Again, me not knowing when I left my brothers my ex was waiting for me down the road and when I pulled out on the road he came at me head on going extremely fast and put me in the ditch, when I tried turning around, he had gone to the corner, turned around and came back at me and tried to t-bone me. I finally made it to my brothers drive way. My parents called the police and the police pressed charges against him and put a personal protection order against him. The end right?...WRONG…he went to jail overnight for domestic violence and was charged with two felonious assaults with a deadly weapon. Once out he started calling me, texting me, calling my friends. I did talk to him because I wanted the drama to stop (alot of our friend are the same friends). But, the only reason why he contacted me was because he wanted me to drop the charges. I told him I couldn’t because I didn’t put the charges on him, the police did along with the PPO. I told him all I did was report the incident. When he realized I couldn’t/wouldn’t he again became mean. Again, flaunting this girl in my face, having her call me and start shit, coming to my work and sitting in the parking lot and stare at me through the window of my work. I could write a book on all he has done. I have now blocked him from everything and just try not to think about all the crap. The prosecutor is now taking it to the judge and my ex will be spending 1-3 months in jail for breaking the PPO, not to mention whatever he gets for the car incident. I just want this nightmare to end.I would say I have the WORST ex in the world!


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