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I felt like a military wife

i grew up in a unstable family where my dad was abusive to my mom and my dad mistreated us. i never felt the balance and love from my dad.. at age 17 i met this man he was 4 years older than me and with permission from my dad we dated..for about 3 years or a little less the relationship was fine, but my bf began being distant with me i of course felt abandoned and left alone..i tried to avoid the problem or the emmotion when it came up and i ignored it i never really told my bf how i felt because i felt was nothing but a burden to him..then about 3 yrs in to the relationship an old friend began to text me and we decided to met up at the beach of course i took a friend and we hitted off we hung out the entire day and we went to the movies the guy was nothing but a smooth sweet talker and we said goodnight..days passed and it was constant text messsage to each other until we went out to grab some food and he kissed me..i felt this emmotion come over me and that when it began we started seeing each going out to shows dancing etc..it never got to the sexual point but we did makeout everytime we saw each other and what was worse that my bf still didnt bother to give me attention so i began looking for it somewhere else and i found the attention in this man...andnit began to feel that both made me happy but i couldnt have both this charming man was onoly after one thing and of course he never got it out of me but its hard when you feel like a military wife when your bf can put effort into the relationship.


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