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i let my friends ruin my relat

me nd my ex lets call him mookie were together for over a year.it started out as tht summer love kinda thing.but as soon as school started back alot of his exs hated tht he was with me nd started tellin him all kinda lies bout me.nd my friends would watch him take wht he said nd twist his words to make it look like he was doin wrong.we both looked pass alot of wht was bein said.but then mookie told me he was at a female friends house chillin wit her while his brother was doin his thing i was like okay he said all they did was tlk.then one of our friends came to me at lunch nd told me mookie said he cheated on me.i got hot nd went off on mookie tht night.nd broke up wit him.BUT some short time after tht me nd one my besties were tlkin bout it(now she nd mookie r real close friends to)she was like he was on the phone tlkin to me the whole night i could tell she wasnt lyin when she said tht.by the time i tlked to mookie nd told him he jus kept sayin he was tryin to tell me tht when i ended it.


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