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i'm still inlove with you

before when i was younger i had a playmate. He's very cute and charming. everybody said he liked me but i didn't noticed him. since i stepped on high school, i was too busy and never got the chance to see him again. until one they he and his friends showed up outside and we started talking again. i was so shy and very surprised. he looked handsome and tall. i started to think at first he was cute. then, one day i decided that i have a crush on him. i was wondering if he still likes me. then came a day when i couldn't help what I'm feeling for him. i texted him. then we started talking on the phone and having long conversations. on the second day he called me, he asked if there was any guy around that i like. i couldn't tell him on the phone so i just texted him. i told him it was him. i really like him. his response was he love me. i was so surprised and happy. he asked me to be his girlfriend and off course i said yes. we kept our relationship a secret. we just live a few blocks away from each other but still we never had a reall conversation in person. we were boyfriends and girlfriends for 6 months. we never really had an official talk about breaking up. it's just like he left me hanging on air. i was so hurt. he's my 8th boyfriend but the first one that i really loved. until now i'm still inlove with him. i want him back and i don't know how. we see each other but we don't talk. i don't know if he still loves me. but i don't know if i'll ever get over him.....


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