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I really don't know how to start off saying what i need to say and hopefully this person is reading this. When we first met i didn't want to get into a relationship with anyone..turning down guy after guy. But there was something about you that i just couldn't ignore. I guess it was your player ways and i got lonely at times, i mean who doesn't when there single. I gave you a chance when everybody called you names,looked down on you and said your were no good. You argued with me constantly and i never knew why,then afterwards you were at my window trying to apologize. Your anger was..i can't even put it in words. Then you move away and don't call me for almost a month,then outta nowhere here's your phone call,not to say "How Are You" or "I Love You" it was i wanna break up because of the distance between us,which i could understand. Then two weeks later i get another call from you confessing that you been cheating on me and got new girlfriend (which i had already knew). So you cry on the phone for hours about how much you love me and want to be with me and your gonna change. I blew it off cause i knew it was a bunch of bull! 4 months later you call me saying how your moving again but this time its further away. We talk on the phone on how much we love each other and don't wanna lose each other,how we both are gonna be on our grind for getting into school,getting a car and a place so we can both see each other come Thanksgiving Break and Christmas. I asked you numorous times were you sure you could handle going to another state and being able to stay faithful to me and you told me yes baby i promise,i don't want none of them girls up there. (Bunch of bull!!) Now at this time i'm not getting my hopes up too high because somewhere deep down i knew he couldn't do it. Not that i was doubting him,it was just he did it once and when your far far far away anything is possible if you let it. One Month Later(This Was My Biggest Mistake I Ever Made With A Guy!!) he calls me,talks to me for about an hour then says i need 200 for rent (which i never knew he had to pay rent),argues with me on the phone,hangs up calls back,calling me out my name because i cannot do it. He never considered what i was going through here and how i felt about certain things and never cared enough to ask,which i didn't realize. Once again it happens,were both on the phone at this time cussing each other out,i'm in front of a convenient store arguing with him on the phone and are people looking at me like i'm crazy!!! OMG!!! So after all the arguing i tell him ya know i'ma send it to you because i don't mind helping other people out,and then he starts apologizing and sayin baby oh i'm so sorry and i won't do it again and i'ma change...BULL!!! I send him some money two weeks after all this happended and he didn't even have the decency to call and say thank you. I broke up with him about a two weeks ago because his ex-girlfriend that he left me for was trying to start some bull with me over the internet about him which was really stupid and childish considering the fact she was older than me and him...lol But it wasn't just that it was the way he kept talking to me and thinking it was coo,and it wouldn't get old and i wouldn't grow tired of it..not that i sat back and let him talk to me any way its just a person gets tired of unneccessary arguing constantly. I treated him how a girlfriend is supposed to treat a boyfriend,i slipped up sometimes but i got back on track i guess. But mind you he always expressed how why he treats females the way he does and doesn't care about how he treats them,and i didn't even take notice to it,again why?? I can't even answer that. I was a good woman,knew how to take care of my man,do little things for him to make him smile,not smother him but make him feel special when the world seemed so cold. Now thats not me anymore,i'm down on relationships at this point and also marriage,i feel as if i have so much anger and pain inside,but i have an outlet for it,i dance,i put everything into my dancing..helps to relieve stress alot and i've lost so much weight i look FABULOUS!!!! Its funny how one or two men can mess up a good woman and but hey,i've learned alot and i'm ready to do whats best for me,no i'm not selfish or bitter i just can't handle another relationship at this point and i'd rather take my time to get over what the last person did to me,so i won't bring it to the next one. I don't know if thats possible but i will try my best. Don't get me wrong i'm not saying i'm not a fun person or anything its just relationships,and they guys i was with they made me wanna rip their heads off or slap them silly!! A little advice guys,when you have something good,no matter what type of anger your holding from other relationship try to work on it for the sake of the relationship you have now and you know you have a good woman/man,treat her/him good. Theres a reason why that person is your life,and life is too short to be miserable and unhappy all the time. I've choosen to stay single for awhile to get some things in my life straight and because i want to be happy. Yea, i got my confidence and self-esteem back. From now on i'm loving myself and getting to know me. DUECEZ!!!!



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