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i lost love but god gave me an

so my love story starts form being young 13 and in middle school. i met this guy and he was an ass! We were in 7th grade but after all are different ways of seeing things we stared going out he was the best boyfriend i had ever had. we were young and in love.. we did alots of crazy things just to be together are love was strong.. so wen i was 14 i ran way from home to go live with him we were 2 14 years old madly in love going agents the world. it funny how love makes u see everything so different.. so anyways are 1st 2 months living together were great! he was my 1st EVERYTHING! & i was his 1st everything as well.. at this point we were going out for 2 years now.. shortly after i moved in with him i got pregnant i found out i was prego one day befor my 15th birthday i was happy he was too..
so by my 3rd month we were having problems rumors of him rumors of me it was just a ball of bull. it was killing and he change soo much that he wasent the same boy i fell in love with. so anyways we split wen i was 5months pregnant i was lost with out him i was doing all on my own. so we talked during my pregnancy at that time he has left to mexico for a while he would call to see how i was doing from time to time.. so now time came wen it was time to give birth to our baby girl he showed up and was there to give me support and tell me that he still loves me and he wants to make it work so i said yes! we had so many problems back then thats all i wanted was a family i would do anything to make it work.. well said and done we moved in together after that but once again wen we moved back in problems started flying! so i left the state where we were living at the time back to my state.. so it was an on and off thing! so here is where it starts to get juice!!! lol.. one day him comes for the holiday of santa.. lol.. to see his baby girl and to try to work things out with me during all that time he would call we would talk he would tell me he didnt have a girlfriend and that he was waiting for me to go back. so wen he came for that holiday i was realy happy to see him i loved him sooo much that i had forgiven everything he had put me thru. but that stupid phone rings and gets a txt message yes a txt massage killed everything! haha! so the txt said BABY I MISS U SO MUCH I WISH U WERE HERE WITH ME GIVE UR BABY GIRL A KISS FORM HER NEW STEP MOMMY I CANT WAIT TO MEET HER I WOULD BE THE BEST MOTHER TO HER. AND THAT LAST PERSON I WANNA HAVE IN MY MIND BEFOR I GET NAKED IS U.. ! well anyways he broke my heart so i kicked him out my house and told him i never wanted to see him again not to call to forget about me and my baby! So i moved out from that house and i even changed my number i wanted nothing to do with him he had hurt so much that i was soo over it i wanted to feel no more pain!

i didnt hear from him for like 8months and one day i get a call from him to my new number i was like wtf???? so i answer he was crying saying that he was sorry for everything that all he wanted is to see his baby. so my heart went out to him to i went to sin city to take her to him so he can spen time with her and he was like please stay and live here with me we can make it work.. but at that time he had a girlfriend but lil did i know it was the same girl that send him the txt message 1year back.

so now i havent talk or seen him in a whole year. and i think its better for both.. and for my baby girl shes doing just fine without her father i have soooo much love for her and she has love for every directions that she dont even ask for her father..

all im saying is that wen i lost the man of my life i thought i had no reason to live but that moment he was gone another reason came along! and she is a wonderful lil girl that all she wants is love and im here to give it to her..


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