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Cheating Boyfriend.

I went out with my best guy friend last summer. We were in a nice relationship, but after a while I started to see changes. He always wanted to kiss me, and sometimes he wouldn't even let me leave his house until I showed him my bra (I still get sick at the memory)and he never held my hand or did anything in public that showed we were together. Then I realized I didn't ask him if he broke up with his previous girlfriend before going out with me! I assumed he didn't. Why else wouldn't he show affection in front of his friends and in public? I ignored him for the rest of the summer and sure enough on the first day of grade 10 he was with his girlfriend he was dating before he went out with me. He held her hand in public and showed all this affection. Turns out he never broke up with her! I felt guilty because she had no idea what was going on, I didn't either until it was too late. I still hate this guy it makes me sick because he was my best guy friend!


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