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I had a boyfriend about 3 years ago. I had gone out with him for about 3 years and as you can image he was my life after those 3 years. I thought everything was going fine, we dint fight or anything we always had fun when we were around each other. I though he was the man that I would end up with for the rest of my life. Well I was whrong. Like I said everything was fine until he was invited to be part of the court of honor for a sweet sixteen. While he was in that they had different practices for them to learn the choreography. These practices tuck place about an hour away from where we lived so most of the time I couldnít go with him. Well since I wasnít with him at those practices the girls would talk to him and hug him and all that and I couldnít do anything about it. So a few months went by and I was told by a friend that at those practices one of the girls was extra nice and was always around him. Latter I found out that they were seeing each other. Of course I asked him if this was true but he denied it and well I believed him. So on the day of the party I was going to go with him but something came up and I told him that I couldnít make it. He said it was fine ant that he wouldnít be there though out the whole event, that he would be back as soon as posible so we could go out to dance or something. Well here I was at like 9 pm and he hadnít called so I decided to go get him at the party so that at least I could see him in his cute tux. When I got there I noticed that as soon as I stepped out of the car one of his friends ran inside so I thought that something was going on. and boy was I right... when I walked in and as I was walking though the hall way to get to the reception area I noticed a couple down the hall that were hugging and in the middle of making out, I dint really pay attention as to whom they might be. Well not until I got closer. As I got closer to the couple I started to notice familiar features in that guy and well as you can guess, it was my boyfriend!!! I was so surprised by this. So didnít wan to make a scene so all I did was tap him on the shoulder and said hi. He looked at me and immediately started to apologize and said she didnít mean anything to him and she was just a game. Of course she became upset at this and slapped him; I just walked out and drove home. I was in tears by the time I was in my car and all the way home I was crying like I have never cried before. That was the last time I saw him. He called every day and tried to get back with me but I refused. Latter I found out that the girl was actually the birthday girlís sister and that she had a boyfriend besides my boyfriend of course and that when he found out what had happened that night he left her. I herd that my ex and the girl latter started to date but they broke up because she cheated on him many times. I got over him and I meat some one else whom I have been going out with for about 2 years and now engaged to.


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