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I just started high school my 9th grade year a freshman omg new year new start fresh beginining,i thought for sure it would be horrible year for me. Me being a not so cool popular pretty gurl. i thought of the worst to come. I had my first day i saw him in my math skills class and he was about the cutest guy i ever saw. and im thinkin yea i dont have a chance. i wasnt worried so i just kept going and attempting to do good in math. There was a carnival in this one town. my parents and my little brother and i went and omg i saw him. and he ran up to me! i couldnt get over it like what is he doing? ya know but i walked with him through out the carnival. than we went to bingo. i was like oh god this stupid. but it turned out to be pretty fun until i had to leave, before i left he got my number. and next he texted me. how i should have stayed longer. well i went skewl and he sat beside me in class and we talked somewhat i was pretty much shyyy and i didnt know what to say. Than of course i couldnt concentrate on my work and so the teacher would always call on me and i get the easiest problems wrong. lol he helped me in math a little bit so it was good. Well October came along and on the 24th he had asked me out. we were in this library and he type it on aim. =] i said the dumbest answer lol like idk sure i guess,, than i like said Yes right away lol. So we were dating. Amazing and i was happy for once in my life, we spent alot time together in skewl. i didnt tell my parents about him and so i just told him to come over one day. without telling my mom, cuz dad was at work. he didnt have a ride but he had bike he lived a million miles away from me but he rode his bike to my house lol. when he got there my mom met him and we went to the movies. lol she didnt realy approve. cuz i didnt tell my dad. Me and him had fun so much fun lol. As days went by i couldnt really hang out with him cuz of family issues and my gradess were horrible. So december came around his b-day me and him were suppose to hang out. but didnt =[ so than a few days im guessing the 10th he broke up with me. cuz he couldnt stand not seeing me. it made me sad. but i didnt care i understood. but after he broke up with me i began failing even more in skewl and i started hanging with the wrong people. doing bad stuff and getting drunk with them. it was awful. i was going to kill myself but never did. through out those months we were not dating he spoke to me like hi how are you or whats up what you dong im sorry. blah blah you know. it tried ignoring them but i just would relpy to them. Well it was 7 months of being broken up. i do believe. and Everyday of my life i was missing him and wanting to be with him i would pray to god that i would get him back. i lost alot of my good friends. my life wasnt going so well. In july i was going to seriously kill myself i couldnt take it anymore i was tired of everything myself, not having my love, not having my good friends. So i went for a long bike ride and i ended up at a church i was going to confess everything to this priest but i didnt instead i drop all my saddness my worring my fears and i left them behind and rode away. 2 weeks later. I get the courage to talk to him myself. i said Hey how are you, and we get a talking and than its like 11pm at night and than 1 am hes all like i miss you and i want to know why we brokeup in the first place and told him and sent him his break up msg to me. And he said im sorry and he said can we try it again. I accepted it. I told my parents about him. and everything was fine. Couple of weeks ago me and him went to the beach with my parents lol =] so everything is going gooood. so far i havent seen him alot couse of skewl. but i saw him today its sunday, we went to church together and after that we hung out =] Basically I dont think love gives up, i think if we give up and let go. we wont ever get that person back. You have to really fight and want that person back. You have to go to the extremes if you want to be with that person you tell them how you feel no matter what you only have one life and theres a million people out there and if that person doesnt want to be with yu can either move on or Never give up. All you need is Jesus and prayer and everything works and your happy and Miracles do happen. I havent thought of killing myself ever since he came into mylfe. i just hope for the best and hope we last forever. Hes my first and last love and dont want anyone else
I am young
I am not letting go of someone who means this much to me.
I dont think love is blind/
I believe in power and love.
and the spirit of God.
Dont let go
dont ever let go
Keep holding on
keep praying
dont give up
I learned in life that everything will be fine
leave all your worrying and fears behind.

Im sorry this was so long
and im sorry if you couldnt understand some of the stuff
im just so happy
i want to announce my love to the world.
Have a good day or night



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