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whoo I dodged a bullet!

My ex and I were together for nearly 3 years and everything seemed fine until a few months prior to our relationship ending, he would receive calls late at night. At first, I let it go because sometimes his brothers would call. But then they became more frequent and sex seemed to cease in our relationship. I use to give him rides to work but then he would wake up extra early and leave me in bed alone and at one point didn't come home for 2 days, of course his excuse was he was at his brother's house. The day I found out, I lost my cell phone so I used his to dial mine and a message pops up saying "I'm glad you came to visit me and I miss you and love you alot" and other messages this girl sent him saying that "I love you", "let's get together again" etc.

Needless to say, I was hurt, mad and pissed. Not only did he denied it and at that point I really did want to do bodily harm to him. So I left and stayed at hotel for 2 days and came back for all my stuff. (We lived with friends in a large house at the time). Though part of me wanted to work things out, my mind won in the end thinking that if he did it once and couldn't be a man and tell the truth, that he wouldn't much of a man in the future.

About a month after leaving, he called me just to "talk" and I wanted to civil but I told him that he was a dog and that karma comes alot quicker than he would expect. Last, I heard of him was that he was bumming off his girlfriend and her mom and got fired from his job.

Though he broke my heart, I'm glad I had the strength to leave and piece back my heart together. And thinking about it now... at least I still have my job and make more money than he does. hahahaha!

Karma... my new best friend.


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