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my brother and a few of my buddies moved into a house an hour or two away from where i live now, which is the town i was going to school in at the time. anyway, one of them moved out, and i moved in to take his spot and help pay rent. anyway, i met this girl... she was dating my roomate at the time. my roomate was also dating another girl.... so the girl that im talking about told him that she didnt want to be with someone who was dating 2 people, so she broke it off with him. thats when i started talking to her. I hung out with her for about a week or so, and i really got attached to her. so after about a week, i asked her out, and she agreed. for 12 days, everything was cool. but after 12 days, out of nowhere, she tells me "I want a break from going out cus im stressed out about school and stuff.... im so confused right now". I was like Ok, thats cool. However, over the next 2 weeks, it started going back and forth from "I just want a break", to "I dont know anymore, im so confused." I eventually got tired of that nonsense after another couple weeks, so i straight up asked her if she wanted to get back together or not. She said "well i just started getting friend vibes from you, so unless that changes, i guess i just want to be friends". I knew that was a bunch of nonsense as well... if she got friend vibes, it wouldve showed the week before i asked her. anyway, i said Ok, thats cool. I figured id give her some time to sort it out. So she asked if she could still be friends and if she could still come over and such. I was like ya sure. But then she'd ask to come over and watch movies with me and what not, but she'd just end up hanging out in my friend/roomate's room that she was dating before. So I asked her if she still had feelings for him, and she said "he's my buddy".... she even asked if i believed her or not. but a couple weeks before we moved out, she spent the night. the next morning, i found out that her and my roomate had a little thing going on for a few days after me and her broke up. he told me himself, and he apoligized for screwing over me and his current girlfriend, who he had grown committed to since my ex broke it off with him. So then i kinda chew her out for that.... and her response is that I definitely had the right to be pissed. but then she'd pull a complete 180 and say she didnt do anything wrong because her and him had dated before, and that we were broken up, and that i needed to stay out of their business.... but the thing is, it WAS my business. my roomate told me that morning that she had said "I still have feelings for him, but not the same one's I have for you". if my name is mentioned in the convo, it becomes my business. Im also sure you can all figure out what was meant by that comment. If you cant, the specific reason for breaking up with him is cus he was dating 2 people.... what was the difference this time around? Anyway, before the whole thing with my roomate, she would talk to me constantly. After that whole thing, she wont hold a conversation with me for more than 5 minutes. she also wont talk to me about it face to face. I asked her to come over and talk about it on msn, but she brought it up on there like 10 minutes later.


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