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he came back to me and i feel

i was very young when i thought i had fallen in love. We were friends at first then dated afterwards he was my friends ex boyfriend which isnt the problem it was when we were at least twelve years old it didnt matter, we were in elementry school. But the real story starts when the months go by. Me and him dated for about a year and then ended abruptly because of rumors and people being nosey. But we were young so it didnt take much for us to part. It hurt us both alot. I knew it did but i didnt want to be one of those girls to think of my life to be over because he was no longer in my life. So i kept walking forward and on with my life. I have heard about him dating other girls and hearing about him once in a while but rarely, i never asked about him either. And i got over him, i never forgot but i didnt take it seriously because it ended so i put it to mind that it was never meant to be, as much as i believed that he was the real thing. I didnt allow myself to feel that since we were no longer together and i havent heard of him. I had gone out with a boy for on and off for about a year and i thought that this could've been a great chance to have another great relationship, a different more fun relationship. But he left me without a word or call, just like that never heard from him again. Only a couple of times to hear him say hi and apologize but never to explain. Yet always in my head i felt that i needed the closure, i needed an explanation but didnt want to ask because i felt embarassed. That summer was just a fling and friends summer. One day online i decided to add my ex to my friends list, with no intentions or reason to why i did it.I just felt like doing it. I felt that this wall between us shouldnt really be a reason why we cant talk or mention eachother with our friends or hang out with our friends because they feel like they cant be with the both of us in the same room. He found it surprising, he couldnt believe it. he spoke to me alot. after a while of me and him just speaking for a while. i thought to myself that he may still like me. I've told my friend that i had thought that he still liked me and she just gave me this smirking look. and she admitted that he still did, that he always had. that he always spoke about me and asked about me for the whole two years we had been apart. ive heard that with his past girlfriends he has had problems with them because he always mentioned me. after a while of me and him talking and calling and then the first time me seeing him again we ended up going back out together. we've had problems but every relationship does. after a while of me hearing stories and him hearing mine all i could feel was that i couldnt believe this was happening again. but what i feel at times from what he has told me is that one of his ex girlfriends falling in love with him still might have been in love with him. i dont know about now because i think its been maybe two or three years of us going out. but before and at times i cant help feeling sorry although i didnt do anything i know she knows that i went back out with him. she doesnt know me but in a way she does because of him and how he spoke about me. even her mother told him to stop talking about me with her daughter. i didnt take him from her because he ended with her before we even started speaking. which was wierd because only a little time (probably a month)after he had broke up with her i requested him online. they hadnt spoke for a while before they broke up. i dont know the whole story. but at times i cant help but feel sorry for how she feels because i know how it feels to lose someone u love. but the only difference is that i deal with it differently.i dont obsess with it. in a way she will always be there since her family knows his but i cant do anything about that, and i trust my boyfriend. but even now i still feel somewhat bothered by it because i dont know how she thinks of him or even of me but i dont want to be thought of one of those girls who stole her boyfriend, even though technically im not. me and my boyfriend,we have had some trouble but we still remain in love and plan on getting married someday. i love him very much. and ive learn that moving forward and remaining secure about yourself, life will return to u happiness.


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