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liar liar, pants on fire...lol

I had been dating my ex boyfriend for about a year and a half. he was my first, and someone that meant alot to me. i broke up with him back '01 because one night, i decided to prank his phone, and disguise my voice as another girl - i'm really good at it. lol. but anyway, he fell for it, and i basically caught him trying to hook up with another girl (who happened to be me!) it also came out that he had been going around telling people after i dumped him, that he slept with my best friend! years later (in our mid twenties now), we got back in contact, and started hanging out as friends. we had a little chemisry, but si didn't want to get serious, but he was insistant on being my boyfriend. after a couple of months, i give in, deciding to give the loser another shot. he's my first, right, ladies? blah! so a year and a half later, i'm engaged to the man, only to find out that he is still a liar! he lies about so many little things, i can only IMAGINE the bigger crap he's lied about it. he seemed so sweet and charming - a bit on the soft side, but sweet nonetheless. not so. now he's calling me, and sending me messages, because he doesn't know its over. asking can he come over - YOU WISH, HOMEBOY! i guess some things never change.


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