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I was with this guy for four years we were so happy so i thought. We did everything inseperable he would cherish me tell me he loved me and would never do anything to lose or hurt me that i was the one and only and the love of his life. To me he was my everything as well my first love, my best friend, just my world. We even had plans on getting married. He got his own place which i gave him a boost helped him out when he needed it. was always there i put him first before anyone. we started to get in little fights he was a jealous gguy like really jealous but we would work it through everytime. one day i checked our phone bill there was a number he talked to frequently texted a lot. so i decided to call it. it was a girl. so i called him n told him i was done that it was over how could he do that and so on. He called me many times until i answered n told me she was no one just a friend. that i was over reacting i gave him another chance coz he promised on his grandmothers grave he would stop it. i had told him to call her n end it in front of me, he didnt want to but i believed him so blind by the love i had for him. we tried and then checked the phone record he was still talkin to her i confronted him n we broke up. that night i got a text from the girl sayin they were together and she was doin him and blah so i tried callin him no answer. the next day i went to take him his things we talked and he pursuaded me again to stay wit him he cried and i believed him. we were together and everything. but we werent boyfriend girlfriend.he had always denied he slept wit her until one day he called me and was crying and told me they had sex that night which had been 4 months ago. i asked if she was pregnant he said not that he knew of. but since that day we were kinda drifting i knew something was wrong. so i went to his moms the next day we talked n then she asked me if i knew the situation wit this girl i said no n she told me SHES PREGNANT! i left crying n calleed him n he confirmed it tellin me he was gonna tell me n this n that but she was already 6 months. stupid gave him another chance until i saw them together at the store n confronted both. i was still givin him a chance right there but he thinks is his kid which i doubt coz this grl is skanky n still was wit her ex. so he basically chose her. shes due in october, but now that i moved on and am wit a great guy he seems to be tryin to call me leaving me voicemails crying sayin he loves me and all this crap. he passes by house he's turned out to be psycho when he chose all this. but now im happy and grateful i found out before i actually married this dog! i hope that kid is his and that he is happy dont wish harm on him. the perfect man i thought turned out to be the worst!! now im with someone who is worth it I hope!


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